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Balandra Beach -- Super VIP
Sea Lions Snorkeling Tour

lobo marino de california

$1,900 MXN

per person

$95 USD + tax

per person

Can't decide between relaxation and adventure? This package includes a combination of (sea)bird watching in the Bay of La Paz, followed by a drive outside town for a tour and lunch at Balandra (Mexico's top beach), and finally, snorkeling with the social sea lion colony of San Rafaelito's coral reef. Always providing you the most up-to-date eco-scientific information on the species you will see during the tour.

Snorkeling with sea lions are available all year around

logotipo de Baja Sur Tours


$1,900 MXN | $95 USD + tax 

(semi-private tour)

11,400 MXN | $570 USD + tax 

(private tour 1-6 people)

Meeting Point:

Muelle Fiscal de La Paz

From Baja Sur Tours:

•Super personalized treatment

•Super VIP form by email (once confirmed)

• Marine biologist as nature guide

•GoPro videos & photos

•Eco-educative information

•Snorkeling gear


•Drinks, snacks and customized food

•Travel insurance

• All official permits

•Shaded boat

•Shades on the beach

•Wildlife watching

•Snorkeling with sealions: ~20min

•Balandra Beach time: ~1h

Duration: ~5h

Pick up in Los Cabos

$4,200 MXN p/p
$210.00 USD p/p + TAX

includes round trip


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