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COMBO 3 TOUR - Sea Lions Snorkeling Tour with beach time in both Balandra & Espiritu Santo Archipelago


$3,900 MXN

per person

$195 USD + tax

per person

We offer this package for those looking to enjoy two of the most popular activities in Baja California Sur in one day. The tour includes 2 snorkeling with sea lions, one of them in the Bay of La Paz and the other in the Espiritu Santo Archipelago, respectively. This quintessential tour is suitable for people of all ages and offers everyone the opportunity to swim safely with the friendliest and most playful sea lions in the world; plus a delicious personalized picnic in one of the most pristine beaches of Espiritu Santo to finish the tour in the most famous bay of Mexico: Balandra.
There is no obligation to enter the water. Always providing you with the most up-to-date eco-scientific information about the species you will see during the excursion.

Snorkeling with sea lions are available all year around

logotipo de Baja Sur Tours


$3,900 MXN | $195 USD + tax 

(semi-private tour)

$23,400 MXN | $1,170 USD + tax 

(private tour 1-6 people)

Capacity per boat:

Maximum 8 passengers

Meeting point:

Muelle Fiscal de La Paz

From Baja Sur Tours:

•Super personalized treatment

•Super VIP form by email (once confirmed)

•Marine biologist as nature guide

•GoPro videos & photos

•Eco-educative information

•Snorkeling gear


•Drinks, snacks and customized food

•Travel insurance

•All official permits

•Shaded boat

•Shades on the beach

•Wildlife watching

•Snorkeling with sea lions in Espiritu Santo's colony: ~1h
•Snorkeling with sea lions in San Rafaelito reef: ~25 min

•Balandra beach time: ~1h

•Espiritu Santo archipelago's Beach time: ~1h

Duration: ~9h


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